Bringing Imagination to Life

Sometimes when life is full of mundain routine, bills and chores it's nice to drift off and create these characters and imagine what their personalities will be.

I wanted to create more than just pictures but free spirited souls that bring fun and happiness. Sometimes the character in the animal just comes out as the drawing evolves which is really exciting and sometimes I find myself smiling away as I'm drawing.

I have great joy in making these characters come alive with their smiling faces. I hope that it will bring a smile to everyone who sees them and they can relate to some of the personality traits in one or more of the characters.

We tend to loose our whimsical imagination as adults so it's nice to be able to keep a bit of it alive.

Our birthstone range is also an extension of our collection with beautiful colours that have come from nature which is quite magical in itself.

Each piece of artwork takes between 10-30 hours to create depending on the intricate detail. The illustrations are then transferred into digital form and printed on archival cotton rag paper as a fine art print. Each print is then individually signed and presented in cello bags with a descriptive tag. 

Every order sent out is carefully gift wrapped to add to the excitement of receiving a parcel in the post.

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